Custom Rf Coax Cables Engineered For Superior Signal Integrity

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Signal integrity is crucial for all RF connections. However, variations in connectors and cables can affect signal continuity, resulting in impedance discontinuities and structural return loss.

High-performance, low-loss plenum-rated coax cable assemblies terminated with N-type and other connectors customized to your length requirements PIM was tested using Times Microwave Systems’ TF4 proprietary foam polyethylene dielectric.

High-Speed Interconnects

As data center technology continues to make leaps in signal, bandwidth, and density, interconnects must meet these new demands. As a result, high-speed interconnects need to be designed with signal integrity in mind. This involves routing strategies for high-speed designs, impedance-controlled designs, and proper layer stack-up to ensure that traces resist crosstalk and externally radiated EMI. It also means having termination components to reduce internal reflections and eliminate unintended signal transmission.

Signal transmission quality is critical when operating at gigabit speeds. At these speeds, every route on the board is a potential transmission line and radiates energy that can interfere with neighboring routes. These energy waves are known as crosstalk and can degrade the quality of a signal. To avoid these problems, a routing strategy must be employed that controls the impedance of the PCB and matches it to the pins on the net. This requires careful analysis with a signal integrity simulator.


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In spaceflight applications, tight physical restrictions and high operating frequencies require tightly matched transmission lines. In addition, these systems often operate in a wide range of temperatures, which can affect phase stability. Technology providers like Times Microwave are addressing these challenges with advanced designs. Their PhaseTrack InstaBend 047 microwave assemblies feature flexible, preassembled interconnects that offers a small form factor for the required tight tolerances and high operating frequency.

These custom coaxial cable assemblies can be configured using an online tool that allows you to select the length of cable and connector type. They are built to order in a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility and offer various value-added services, such as a suite of testing solutions, lead-free solder, and custom booting/heat shrink options.

High-Speed Multicoax

The custom RF coax cables connector assembly minimizes parasitic reflections and insertion losses between the socket and cable. The compression mount ensures that the connector will stay securely mated to the PCB, delivering reliable performance even after a plug cycle.

This is an essential feature for RF and high-speed data devices, as the serpentine trace routing in these applications can create signal integrity issues at the transition between the board and the multi-coax connector. This can degrade the test result, especially at the highest data rates.

HUBER+SUHNER’s MXPM90 is an ideal solution for this challenge, providing low-reflection copper-to-coax transitions up to 90 GHz. It also minimizes noise, distortion, and loss. This technology allows designers …

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