How Does Mobile App Development Help Your Business? - SmallBizDaily

Mobile applications enable the device users to complete specific tasks in the comfort of their home, office or comfort spaces. Various applications have particular uses with constant updates to correct application defects and make them more effective for their tasks. There are several application developers in the industry, and all of them work to improve life efficiency by making things possible with a touch of a finger. The developments have gotten promoted and empowered to ensure that every necessary item for the development gets done to perfection to achieve the application development goals.

Jackrabbit has nearly a decade of experience, enabling them to work closely with individuals to create custom digital solutions to meet the user’s unique needs. The application development phase follows well-defined steps and process that ensures the result functions as expected. The experts use several technologies such as AWS, Heroku, Serverless, Firebase and Azure for the application infrastructure. The developers use Node.js, Graph QL and REST for the backend, while MongoDB, PostgreSQL, and AWS work perfectly for the database. For applications that require payment service: Stripe, Square, and TransferWise come in handy, with the languages used being Swift, Java/Kotlin, Flutter and React native. The application development phase includes:

Design and discovery

The design and discovery phase involves the determination of the reasons for coming up with the up and targeted persons. The process involves rigorous brainstorming to determine the best way to execute the idea to achieve maximum output and achieve the aim of the whole application formation process. The application experts work closely with individuals to determine their needs and desires, which they implement to perfection.

After the design and discovery, the development phase varies depending on whether the experts build an iOS app, an Android app and two native apps for Android and iOS, among others. The process will include creating backend systems that facilitate data processing and hosting and developing the front end, enabling the application user to interact. During application development, the experts regularly meet the client and report on the application progress, making the necessary decisions as the various issues arise.


Once the application is completed, the next development phase is the testing part, where the team uses a unique strategy for every platform. For example, when it comes to iOS, TestFlight is an Apple-developed platform for distribution, and individuals get to use the app before its distribution to the App Store. The process enables clients to begin testing and provide feedback on catch bugs and usability, among other factors. As for Android, software gets installed directly onto the device through sharing an apk file to enable it to get installed, used and tested before it gets sent to the Google Play Store.

Deploy to App and Google Play Store

Once the mobile application gets built, the development phase teams use various technologies depending on the platform. The iOS gets deployed when it is 50-60% complete, enabling the client to give feedback and perform necessary adjustments.