BMW X5 For Rent

BMW is one of the most popular brands when it comes to the automobile industry. It is a representation of high status, performance and luxury. When it comes to choosing the best from BMW the BMW X5 seems to be the perfect choice. It is an excellent mid-size luxury SUV and it acts as a boss in its category. BMW X5 is a great option for your long journey, vacation rides, business meeting, or simply everyday convenience. It can provide a thrilling experience if you’re looking for it and it can also perform as a comfortable high-end vehicle. Good news for those who are interested in this car is that Rent A Car has this beautiful high-performance SUV ready to be rented. You can contact right now and get BMW X5 at one of the best rates out there. 

The powerful 3 Liter engine is capable of producing up to 350 horsepower which helps it accelerate from 0-100 in just 3.8 seconds. The top speed X5 is 177 miles per hour which is quite staggering for a SUV to achieve. The efficient engine gives a great mileage of 12 km per liter. If you are considering renting it from Faster rent a car service then it would save a lot of money from your budget. This mileage will cover your long journeys in comparatively lower prices than the other cars.

BMW X5 will take you to new places quite comfortably as it is loaded with lots of gadgets and technology. The drive is smooth and superior. The climate control options blended with the inbuilt entertainment system leaves a lovely memory. It has a 5-person seating capacity and it has a luggage space of up to 650 liters. It has heated front armrests which are furnished by high-quality leathers to provide a refined experience. The large capacity can make your journeys very pleasurable and comfortable as you will find it very spacious. The great suspension system BMW X5 comes with Dynamic Damper Control and multiple suspension types that helps the X5 drive smoothly through rough terrains. The Dynamic Digital Instrument Cluster and Central Information Display you find in BMW X5 is optimized for connections with your smartphones and provides great entertainment. 

The safety features of BMW X5 gives you an ultimate peace of mind. You can drive confidently as the standard Active Driving Assistant is there to help you with the driving. A suite of advanced safety technology includes an Active Blind Spot Detection, Lane Departure Warning, etc., that helps you avoid obstacles and give warnings about any miscalculations you may have made while driving. BMW’s driving assistance professional package can relieve your stress as it gives you a traffic jam assistance, active cruise control, 6 airbags, ABS braking system and much more. Faster rent a car service has ensured that all these features are working in their best condition. You will be provided with a reliable car if you choose to rent from Faster rent a car. 

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