Everything You Need To Know About DOTA 2

Released by Valve Corporation in the July of 2013, Defense Of The Ancients 2 popularly known as DOTA 2 is a multiplayer Online Battle Arena video game.

Since its release, DOTA 2 has gained lot of popularity worldwide with over 10 million active monthly users. Thanks to its production quality and complex yet intriguing gameplay. Players all across the globe participate in several DOTA 2 tournaments and leagues which are broadcast live on the Internet.

DOTA 2 is similar to its predecessor DOTA, but has a few enhancements over the latter such as a brand new replay system and custom keybinds. It is completely free of cost and runs on any decent computer system.

In this game two teams of five players each compete against each other. Every character has a unique set of abilities and qualities. Their aim is to destroy the opposite team’s structure- “Ancient” and also protect their own team’s structure simultaneously. Ancient is positioned at the center of a stronghold which by protected by towers in three lanes-bottom, middle, and top lane. Players begin from the lowest level and they progress into next levels by killing rival heroes. With every kill, players gain new abilities and experience points.

If you are a beginner who aspires to win at this game, then here’s the dota 2 game guide just for you-

dota 2 game guide

·         Understand the game map

In DOTA 2, the map is divided into two parts- the Radiant faction and the Dire faction. These two parts are separated by a river. Each of these factions occupies a diagonal half of the playing field. The Ancients of each team are located at the well protected center of their faction.

At regular intervals, special power ups known as Runes spawn at different locations on the map.

Powerup Runes such as Haste Rune, Illusion Rune, Invisibility Rune, Regeneration Rune, Double Damage Rune, and Arcane Rune spawn once in every two minutes. They disappear if not picked up within 2 minutes. Bounty Runes also spawn at regular intervals of two minutes. Each of these runes provides teams with 40 gold bonuses.

Neutral creeps occupy the jungle which lies between the lanes. Players can kill these creeps to gain experience points.

·         Be aware of the basic terminologies

It is crucial for the players to known at least a few basic terms to understand the flow of the game. Some of the terms are-Creeps, Bot, Denies, Farming, Ganking, Ancients, Creep Score, Hard Lane, Last Hit, Jungle, Radiant, Stacking, Roshan, Wards, and Towards.

·         Practice your skills.

Players can get an introduction into the game and also practice their skills by playing the tutorials which DOTA 2 provides.

These tutorials are extremely helpful to beginners who haven’t played multiplayer online battle games.

·         Ask advice from experienced players.

Players are suggested to ask a lot of questions to learn the game better. They can get tips and advice from experienced DOTA 2 players, and implement them.

Hope that this guide helps you!

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