The TOP 5 Running Shoes Of 2018 – Choosing The Perfect Pair

Running is one of the best sports. But in order for you to be a good runner, it does not only require the skills and talent, having the perfect shoes can be a huge factor when you are competing. There are running shoes that may feel comfortable when you are walking or just standing, but will not be as comfy when you start to run.

The ideal running shoes will be dependent on your running style and the shape of your foot as well. So when choosing your running shoes, determine your running style, choose the pair of shoes that matches your needs, and try the ones that fit best.

The Shoe Categories

When choosing your running shoes, your have three shoe categories to choose from. Roadrunners, trail runners and cross trainers. It is important that you understand each of these categories to perfectly match it with what you need.

  •  Road running shoes are designed for pavement running and occasional packed surfaces and very minimal irregularities. These shoes are very lightweight and flexible.
  • Trail-running shoes on the other hand, are perfect for off-road routes where you encounter rocks, mud, as well as other road obstacles. These are enhanced with treads for traction and excellent stability. It has the best support and underfoot protection as well.
  • Cross-training shoes are perfect for gym and CrossFit workouts. These can also be used for any balance activities where your feet that get in contact with the ground needs thick platform soles.

Running Addicted

The Running Styles

As mentioned above, there are different types of running styles and the choice for your running shoes will depend on them as well. In order for you to do this, check your well-worn pair of running shoes and look at the soles to help you determine your running mechanics.

  • Pronation. There is a wear that focuses on the ball of the foot and a very small portion of the heel.
  • Overpronation. Wear patterns are along the inside of the edge of your shoes.
  • Supination. The outside edges of your shoe will look worn.
  • Minimalist. The forefoot is the most part of the shoes that are worn out.

The TOP 5 Running Shoes

Running Addicted, a website that aims to share knowledge to shoe-lovers, have made a survey and a list of the best running shoes on the market these days. It’s not all about the brand but also with the performance and the features of the shoes.

  • Adidas Supernova Glide Boost 8. Best pick for big toes.
  • New Balance 1500 V2. Best pair for night runs.
  • Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 33. This is the best shoes for daily use.
  • Brooks Ghost 8 Running Shoe. This is an all-around pair.
  • Mizuno Wave 17. The perfect shoes for long distance running.

When choosing your shoes for running, consider the factors mentioned above. This will greatly help you find the perfect shoes that would definitely meet your needs. Buying shoes are like an investment for most people. It should not be the most expensive ones. As long as you find the pair that feels great after miles of running, that’s the perfect match for you.