What clan are you according to CardFight Vanguard?

Today we determine to ask you guys What CardFight Vanguard Clan would you utilize or are you? Below we’ve jotted down some of the clans so far of CardFight vanguard, so go through which you think you are.

Royal Paladin is a clan from the United Sanctuary nation. Their basic emphasis is in higher level calling units from the deck and obtaining benefits from having many backends and/or giving the backbends high amounts of strength. Starting from CardFight!! Vanguard G, the clan has a powerful spotlight on higher grade calling grade 2 rear-guards.

Oracle Think Tank is a clan from the nation of United Sanctuary. The Oracle Think Tank is a company of individuals specialized in magic that use their strengths to foresee the future. They spotlight less on strength and more on mental capacity, with cards power-driven themed around hand size, drawing, and glaring at the top card(s) of your deck. Starting in CardFight Vanguard G, they also emphasize on adding cards from the deck to the hand.

Shadow paladin is a clan from the United Sanctuary nation. Like Royal Paladin, Shadow Paladin frequently manages calls units from the deck; dissimilar Royal Paladin, however, Shadow Paladin uses upper calling to fuel the prices of their vanguards expertness, which often brings in self-effacing their own units.

Gold Paladin is a clan from the United Sanctuary nation, first introduced in Trial Deck 5: Slash of Silver Wolf, and was giving the game away at the similar time as Narukami. After both the Royal Paladins and the Shadow Paladins were isolated in the events leading to the War of extrication, the Gold Paladins were produced by the remaining members of Royal Paladin and Shadow Paladin clans. Basically, the Gold Paladin’s play style is an amalgamation of its ancestors. Some units gain advantages from having a high number of rear-guards or give rear-guards high amounts of strength.

The Angel Feather is a clan from the United Sanctuary Nation. They first come into view in Booster Set 6: Breaker of Restrictions. Most of the clan’s units are angels, consequently the name. Their units are designed around doctors, nurses, hospitals, and anything that has to do with mitigating. The clan’s emphasizes on controlling the damage zone.

Genesis is a clan from the nation of United Sanctuary which first come into view in Booster Set 10: Triumphant Return of the King of Knights. This clan’s topic is developing the spirit in order to use Soul Blast potentialities.

Narukami is a clan from the Dragon Empire. They were first put in place in Trial Deck 6: Resonance of Thunder Dragon. Like Kagerō, Narukami spotlights on shrinking the rival’s rear-guards. However, while Kagerō has an oversensitive, tension-based play style, Narukami has a disrespectful play style, as many of their cards involve stopping the opponent’s rear-guards from heading off, retiring front-row rearguards, and gaining large amounts of strength and evaluative, Meaning, Narukami is more on to defective abilities than Kagero.

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